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Teaching Assistant Positions

Thank you for your interest in TAing for the Department of Statistics & Data Science! Applications are closed for Spring 2018. Please check back soon for the Fall 2018 application.

Additional Information

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are an important part of the success of the department’s programs. These positions are given to students who have demonstrated both an understanding of the course material and the ability to help others learn this information. They assist the instructor by completing various tasks; typical responsibilities under the supervision of the instructor include:

  • Holding office hours.
  • Grading homework/examinations.
  • Leading lab sessions.
  • Conducting review sessions.

Teaching Assistants are selected each semester for the following semester. The TA selection process is conducted online. While students indicate the courses for which they would like to TA, it is ultimately the decision of faculty and staff to identify the best candidates. Although TA positions primarily serve educational purposes, they also represent a means of financial support for students. Selected TAs are notified shortly after the application deadline, and may choose to accept or reject their offer.

You will be considered for a teaching assistantship if you:

  • Express interest in a TA position.
  • Are in good academic standing with no academic integrity infractions.
  • Received a grade of B or higher in the course(s) for which you are applying to be a TA; however, typically TAs have received an A in the course(s). You may also be eligible to TA a course that you have exempted.

Teaching/TA positions are not available for summer classes.

The Fall 2018 application will soon go live and be posted here. Notification will be sent to all undergraduate students who are majors/minors of the Department of Statistics & Data Science, and also to any students who have enrolled in any Statistics & Data Science class within the past year. Additionally, notification will be sent through our undergraduate Statistics & Data Science bulletin.

For any additional questions, please contact Christopher Peter Makris.