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Publications - Technical Reports

Nicole A. Lazar, Joseph B. Kadane, Fang Chen, William G. Cavanagh and Clifford D. Litton
May, 2003
M. J. Schervish, T. Seidenfeld, J. B. Kadane, and I. Levi
March, 2003
M. Perone Pacifico, C. Genovese, I. Verdinelli, L. Wasserman
February, 2003
Christopher R. Genovese and Larry Wasserman
September, 2002
A. E. Brockwell, N.H. Chan, and P.K. Lee
August, 2002
Aleksandra Slavkovic
August, 2002
Bret Larget, Joseph B. Kadane and Donald L. Simon
May, 2002
Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman
April, 2002
Bret Larget, Donald L. Simon and Joseph B. Kadane
February, 2002
Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman
January, 2002
J.R. Lockwood, Mark J. Schervish, Patrick Gurian and Mitchell J. Small
January, 2002
Mark J. Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld, and Joseph B. Kadane
December, 2001
Joseph B. Kadane and Nicole A. Lazar
December, 2001
A.M. Hopkins, C.J. Miller, A.J. Connolly, C. Genovese, R.C. Nichol and L. Wasserman
September, 2001
Anthony E. Brockwell and Joseph B. Kadane
September, 2001