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Publications - Technical Reports

Stephen E. Fienberg, Patricia Hersh, Alessandro Rinaldo and Yi Zhou
September, 2007
Joel B. Greenhouse, Eloise E. Kaizar, Kelly Kelleher, Howard Seltman and William Gardner
August, 2007
Ann B. Lee, Boaz Nadler and Larry Wasserman
July, 2007
Aaron Clauset, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, and M. E. J. Newman
June, 2007
Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark Schervish and Joseph B. Kadane
May, 2007
Joseph B. Kadane, Mark Schervish, and Teddy Seidenfeld
March, 2007
Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, Marcelo F. Camperi and Kristina Lisa Klinkner
February, 2007
Christopher Genovese and Larry Wasserman
January, 2007
Chad M. Schafer and Kjell A. Doksum
November, 2006
Kinman Au, Christopher Genovese and Andrew Connolly
October, 2006
Robert Tibshirani and Larry Wasserman
August, 2006
Kary L. Myers, Anthony E. Brockwell and William F. Eddy
August, 2006
Mark Schervish, Teddy Seidenfeld, Joseph B. Kadane
June, 2006