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Publications - Technical Reports

Scott M. Berry and Kert Viele
September, 1995
Thomas J. DiCiccio, Robert E. Kass, Adrian Raftery and Larry Wasserman
July, 1995
Subir Sinha
May, 1995
Lara J. Wolfson, Joseph B. Kadane and Mitchell J. Small
May, 1995
Joseph B. Kadane, Ngai Hang Chan and Lara J. Wolfson
May, 1995
Joseph B. Kadane and Larry Wasserman
April, 1995
Beth Osborne Daponte, Joseph B. Kadane, and Lara J. Wolfson
April, 1995
Bernie Devlin, Stephen E. Fienberg, Daniel P. Resnick and Kathryn Roeder
April, 1995
Shixian Qian and William F. Eddy
March, 1995
Ngai Hang Chan, Joseph B. Kadane, Robert N. Miller and Wilfredo Palma
February, 1995
Brian W. Junker and Jules L. Ellis
February, 1995