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Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
May 21, 2008, 12:00AM

Oxford University Press has published Jay Kadane's "Statistics in the Law", a collection of cases and articles on the experience of being an expert statistical witness. The topics include race and age discrimination, the death penalty, tax and patent law, examination copying, election fraud, and many more.

The book will serve primarily as a user's manual or desk reference for the expert witness-lawyer team and secondarily as a textbook or supplemental textbook for upper level undergraduate statistics students. It starts with two articles by masters of the trade, Paul Meier and Franklin Fisher. It then explains the distinction between the Frye and Daughbert standards for expert testimony, and how these standards play out in court. The bulk of the book is concerned with individual cases ranging over a wide variety of topics, such as electronic draw poker (does it require skill to play), employment discrimination (how to tell whether an employer discriminated against older workers in deciding whom to fire), driving while black (did the New Jersey State Police disproportionately stop...

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