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The Department of Statistics & Data Science is located in Baker Hall 132 on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. Feel free to stop by or set up a visit.
You can reach us by email at, or by phone: (412) 268-2602.
Our mailing address is:
Department of Statistics & Data Science
Baker Hall 132
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

The contacts below can guide you to the help you need.

Department Head

Christopher R. Genovese

Professor Genovese's research focuses on complex and high-dimensional statistical problems in the sciences, including neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and cosmology. He enjoys getting “in the trenches” of scientific applications. He also works on theoretical questions related to inference for functions and other infinite-dimensional objects, with a recent emphasis on finding low-dimensional structures in data, and he has a strong interest in computational methods and theory. When he's not working at his computer or in meetings, he's been known to escape into the wilderness.

Faculty Director

Howard Seltman

The doctor is in! Professor Seltman worked for fifteen years as a clinical pathologist before becoming a statistician. His research focuses on the modeling and analysis of psychiatric, medical, and genetic data and on building methods to combine results across different studies. He is an outstanding instructor and advisor who always goes the extra mile for his students. Besides running the MSP Program, Professor Seltman is the faculty advisor for the core Statistics major.

Executive Director; Adjunct Instructor

Christopher Peter Makris

Christopher Peter is the μ to your σ². No, he's neither mean nor average, but instead he grounds when there is need for a frame of reference. As a Master of Statistical Practice with over a decade of combined experience problem-solving in statistics, logic, and discrete mathematics, CPM has developed the types of skills necessary to isolate a problem and construct a solution. His professional experience runs the gamut of client-facing endeavors; as a data scientist the underscore to his responsibilities is singular: the ability to uncover insights from data and deliver recommendations geared towards satisfying clients’ marketing, financial, educational, and business goals. CPM stands as your primary academic advisor and is your point of contact for mentorship. Connect with him on LinkedIn!

Founding Director

Joel Greenhouse

Professor Greenhouse's research focuses on statistical problems in psychiatry and epidemiology, clinical trials and meta-analysis, and the design and analysis observational studies. He is an award-winning instructor and tireless advisor, and he created our trend-setting introductory statistics sequence. In addition, Professor Greenhouse also supervises the additional Statistics majors in the Undergraduate Program.