Department of Statistics Unitmark
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Opportunities

One goal of the Statistics program is to give students experience with statistical research. A wide variety of exciting research projects are ongoing in the department, and students have many opportunities to get involved in a project that interests them.

Before graduation, students are encouraged to participate in a research experience, either through a project as required in specific courses, such as 36-303 or 36-490, through a supervised independent study, or through a summer research/internship experience.

Students can apply for acceptance to 36-490 Undergraduate Research, a project course in the spring semester where small groups of students work with faculty in statistics and other departments on real research problems. Applications are usually due around early November.

Qualified seniors are also encouraged to participate in an advanced research project or independent study under the supervision of a Statistics faculty advisor. Students earn credit for this work by enrolling in 36-495. Students who maintain a quality point average of 3.25 overall may also apply to participate in the H&SS Senior Honors Program (see relevant section in the catalog for details).

Students interested in summer research with a faculty member may contact that faculty member directly to discuss topics and possible funding.